Why you should know Imran Syed?

When I was younger I wore really large geeky glasses. My pants rode above my waist. I was the only kid I knew that had more than one tie. I thought mushroom cuts were hip. But most importantly I didn’t have any limits to my imagination.

Why are my thoughts of any value to your world?

I’m here to share knowledge, provide tips, and to be a resource for all things marketing. I have a real passion for marketing which I was lucky to discover at a pivotal point in my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great mentors and leaders in my life and collectively I may in some way enlighten your world if for just one day. This blog reflects my thoughts and not that of my employer of any organizations affiliated with my employer.

Why am I here?

I’m here to learn, to share, and to be part of something greater than our individual self.