Why Kevin Durant is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player

I’m not an avid basketball fan. In fact in most recent years I’ve almost all but lost the thrill I use to experience when I watched the beautiful game. I remember growing up and having goose bumps when I watched the likes of Kobe and Jordan.

In a recent newsletter that a friend of mine, Bob Kreisberg from OPUS Productivity Solutions publishes he made mention of a fun video that epitomizes leadership. The video showcases Kevin Durant’s MVP speech which captures my undivided attention.

Here were my key-takeaways and reminders from Durant’s speech:

• Your teammates elevate you as a leader.
• Simple gestures and saying thanks make an impact. In Kevin’s speech he highlights one instance where he finds a note in his locker that simple states that he’s the MVP and that’s enough to keep him focused on the larger goals.
• Team members recognize voids and good leaders enable others to rise and elevate themselves to fill those gaps.
• Leaders inspire and are inspired by those all around them.
• Rudyard Kipling said it best …”Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch”. An ideology Durant embodies as you witness his enormous amount of thankfulness and recognition of all involved in the process that lead him to MVP status.
• Lastly – we are all works in progress

I would love to hear your feedback on speeches that have changed the way you viewed an individual, a profession, or a movement!


Why Kevin Durant is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player

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