Some Advice from John Jantsch

I recently attended Sage Software’s national conference; The Sage Summit in National Harbour. What a production! I was amazed at the quality of speakers, organization, and anyone who knows me the food!

One of the most exciting moments of the week was when I was invited to a marketing mixer (yes – a mixer is an excuse to mix alcohol and marketing)! At the mixer among the great conversations I had a chance to connect with renowned marketing Guru John Jantsch. John, a keynote speaker at the event can be credited to being the go to marketing resource for small businesses across the world. The iconic Duct Tape Marketing System is designed to make marketing simple, manageable, and effective.

How often do you get to meet one of the most influential marketing authorities and in the moment what do you ask someone whose breadth of knowledge is so diverse and time so limited? Here goes. . . John, as a young marketing what can I be doing to improve my influence, writing, and overall marketing expertise? Sure its three questions rolled into one – but did you expect anything less?

John’s advice to me was really simple. He responded with a question. “Well, do you read? If so, what blogs do you read”? His single most compelling piece of advice to me was to read more, it’s something that he does every chance he gets.  

Who do you read and what about them keeps you coming back?


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