Secrets to Individual Effectiveness

One of my favourite bloggers Keith Ferrazzi offers up his secrets to individual effectiveness. The post general focus’ on getting fit – both mind and body are at work here.

  • Exercise: You may not be a “morning exerciser” or have time for a full session, but even 10 minutes of movement (a high-intensity run or a yoga session) can prepare you for solid thinking.
  • Journaling: Spend 5 minutes reflecting in writing on the past day/night, and 5 minutes jotting down your expectations for today.
  • Meditation: I never found meditation to be practical as a daily activity until I went to Thailand, where I learned how to blend meditation and pre-existing routines. (Read about that here.)
  • Breathing: Breathe in deeply. Hold it in. Exhale. Hold it out. Repeat 10 times. This itself is a form of meditation.

Read more by visiting Keith’s blog


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