Better a free dog than a caged lion

I became a fan of Deepak Chopra ever since I read “Why is God Laughing”. His range and creativity add impact and transcend his audience to every corner of the world. Muhammad is no exception. This is a brilliant novel and I don’t say that lightly. In every short chapter Chopra was able to capture the essence of what made the last Prophet inspiring while delivering the everyday challenges that are lost in history. Chopra is objective and respectful both in his delivery and research.

Within this toxic Islamic environment Chopra truly stands out as someone with courage.  The following interview describes his stance – this is truly remarkable to watch. What makes it distinct is how Chopra is able to combat the controversy that the media reporter is clearly trying to engage him within by focusing on the core elements and overwhelming positives he’s able to portray.


2 thoughts on “Better a free dog than a caged lion

  1. I think the positive in life comes from the very minute details within it. Our ability to smile when all else is lost and our ability to laugh when all we want to do is sigh and run! I’m not different in that sense. I don’t adversity was ever meant to be the test of man but the ability to overcome it will probably define us.

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