Finding your Ted Williams

A Columbia Dispatch reporter recorded a video of Ted Williams; a local homeless man, begging at one of the street corners of Columbus. Footage of Williams was uploaded to the Internet and has reached over 15 million viewers through channels such as YouTube. Williams, now an overnight sensation being courted by networks, multibillion dollar organizations, and celebrities alike has reignited that inspiration within all of us that miracles can happen.  The story of Ted Williams, the self proclaimed “golden voice” represents the true diamond in the ruff.

So where do we find our hidden gems? In the case of Williams it was a matter of having an innate differentiator, his booming radio voice. This combined with viral technology and a little luck and a once homeless man achieves the American dream. 

The Ted Williams story has made me stop and think about my sphere of influence and what potential opportunities my organization is missing. An opportunity for success is often a conversation away. Think about your business and your prospective clients – what can you do today to help them succeed and build a stronger relationship?


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