What’s my Stance?

I have a terrible commute to work – no seriously I do. Fact: On any given day the 401 also referred to as the Macdonald–Cartier Freeway is regarded as the busiest highway in North America. On average, my travel time to work and back is no less than two hours a day! Thank God I’m one of the fortunate 30% that’s working in what they are passionate about and what their formal education was geared towards.

Don’t worry . . . this post isn’t about my commute even though my opening rant may have implied that. It’s more accurately a depiction of the observations I make along the way.

Its election season here and I’m usually not drawn to Municipal election campaigning, however this year no matter which neighbourhood I drive through I’ve noticed an overwhelmingly powerful display of lawn signs! Vaughan Today describes the phenomenon as Sign City and asks the question; do lawn signs make a difference on who we vote for? Whether the heightened usage of this medium is due to lower costs or general effectiveness it’s made me stop and ask a more philosophical question; what’s my stance? The commonality between all signs is generally there depiction of a candidates stance i.e. working to develop the community, improving transportation, and so on and so on.

All politicians have a stance – we may not necessarily agree with them but it’s refreshing to meet people who believe in a cause, a party, an idea greater than themselves. In today’s business environment many companies and the contributors, managers that encompass them don’t have that sense of purpose. They work as Seth Godin describes, as a factory – continually working towards reducing costs while increasing there output.

Take some time out of your day and get a sense of your mantra – ask yourself; what’s my stance?


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