Where did Perfect Disappear too?

On a recommendation from Gary Murphy, one of the original forty employees at Rogers Communications and now Vice President of Sales within the Blue Jays division of the media giant, I started and completed John F. Kennedy’s, Profiles in Courage.

Profiles in Courage, a 1955 Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece that has stood the test of time and dwarfed my business related readings of late. In it, the reader gets transported to eras in U.S. history and acts of courage that are as simplistic as they are revolutionary. As I read the chapters of the novel, I was constantly drawn to the idea of what courage looks like today and why J.F.K. writes with such elegance and grace that he too himself is no less a hero as the men he describes with every turn of the page. As I completed the closing chapters of the novel I was left with an overwhelming sense of indulging in perfection.

Where did perfect disappear too?

J.F.K. wasn’t perfect, from his numerous scandals with Nazi, Communist spies, to his connections with the Chicago mob that has by some been credited for his ultimate rise to power and demise. Kennedy was constantly stricken with sever health issues, he was careless with the company he kept, he was two distinct identities all while managing to build a legacy as one of the greatest Presidents to lead the modern America.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned by reading Profiles in Courage and learning more about the man who spoke of the values his forefathers gave there lives, careers, and fortunes to fight for – was that within all of us there is perfection to be attained – no matter how dormant it may seem.


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